Welcome home... to Kalestesia Suites

Kalestesia Suites is an exclusive collection of individually decorated houses in Santorini Island. With both comfort and style in mind, we have blended tradition with contemporary trends.  Simple lines subtly infused with happy colours present you with a space that inspires peace and tranquility.  The location of the suites is striking. On the top of one the most untouched areas of the island, the setting is magnificent as it combines the raw beauty of Akrotiri with 360’ views of the rest of the island.

Here is where you will enjoy the purest of what Santorini can offer: an unexpected  view of the Caldera, the Aegean Sea, the famous Santorini sunsets and carefully selected local products for an absolute aesthetic experience of body and mind.

This is the place for the calm and peaceful locations of your dreams.